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Cloud Cyber Agile

Soft Practice Ltd. is a UK-based strategic software consultancy working with high-security Government and private sector clients on Cloud transformation, cyber security and agile adoption.

Transform your Business

We are experts in psychology-led business change, effective software development techniques, high complexity architecture, cloud computing, software processes and technology strategy.

We work with large and complex organisations to improve software development capability - making entire organisations faster, better, cheaper and happier.

We provide consultancy and mentoring on a variety of subjects ranging from technical subjects such as continuous integration to large scale organisational change and cloud transformation.


Our Expertise

We offer tried and tested expertise in Cloud, Cyber and Agile


We are experts in Cloud architectre, adoption and cloud-native transformation.


We are experts in Cyber Security, defense, automation and forensics.


We are experts in agile, scrum, devops and agile-at-scale approaches to ways of working.

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We offer strategic consultancy, short-term and long-term flexible engagements that help you and your teams succeed.
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