Soft Practice Ltd. is a UK-based strategic software consultancy working with high-security Government and private sector clients.



We build high-security elastic cloud architectures, desktop software, smart phone apps, websites, cyber-security solutions, artificial intelligence and much more.

We are experts in cloud architecture and cloud transformation. We build serverless resilient architectures that can scale to up to massive volumes or concurrency.

We build data analysis, translation, transcription, text and geo analysis platforms seamlessly including the cutting edge of machine learning capability for intelligence, security and law enforcement clients.

Our staff are experienced and certified in AWS and Azure.



We work with high-security UK Government departments in the intelligence sector, military and police.

Much of our work in these area is naturally secret. We provide security cleared staff with experience in intelligence and security software specialising in Big Data analytics, high complexity software and machine learning.

Our team are experts in cyber.



We have extensive experience with Lean and Agile approaches such as Scrum, Kanba and Extreme Programming.

We've trained and coached 100s of teams on their agile journey. Rather than ideologically following a particular body of knowledge we work to help individual teams be the best they can be. We focus on principles, not learning processes.

We have authored a number of agile scaling practices ensuring success with teams-of-teams adopting agile practices.

Our team are experts in agile.



We are experts in psychology-led business change, effective software development techniques, high complexity architecture, cloud computing, software processes and technology strategy.

We work with large and complex organisations to improve software development capability - making entire organisations faster, better, cheaper and happier.

We provide consultancy and mentoring on a variety of subjects ranging from technical subjects such as continuous integration to large scale organisational transformation and cloud transformation.

Our team are experts in business change.


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