Soft Practice logoSoft-Practice Ltd. is a UK based strategic software consultancy specialising in digitil, agile and cloud transformation of large-scale complex organisations. We are experts in psychology-led business change, effective software development techniques, high complexity architecture, cloud computing, processes and technology strategy. Kick start your Digital Transformation with us today.

Soft Practices diagramWe work with large and small clients in the private and public sector in the security and defense secors to improve software development capability making entire organisations faster, better, cheaper and happier.

We provide consultancy, mentoring and training on a variety of subjects ranging from technical subjects such as continuous integration to large scale organisational transformation and cloud transformation. We are one of the founders and co-authors of Holistic Software Development which nicely sets out what we believe and the areas in which we work.

We can build distributed cloud architectures, software, smart phone apps, alexa skills, websites, smart home systems, cyber-security solutions and much more. 

Soft Practice is your partner for all things software.