We are currently hiring for contract Cloud Solution Architects to work on a very exciting and complex large cloud transformation project

Cloud Solution Architect

Role Requirements:

  • Experience of building real cloud projects
  • AWS Certification (AWS SA Associate minimum, Professional preferred along with Certified Developer or a specialism e.g. Big Data or AI/ML)
  • Programming experience in javascript, python and ideally java + other
  • AWS Infrastructure as Code skills and CI/CD experience
  • Architecture experience, including high complexity approaches
  • Technical Business Change skills
  • Good technical communication skills
  • A good mix of Cloud experience covering most of the following:
    • IaaS skills: ec2, autoscaling, ELBs, patterns (bastion or no?)
    • PaaS skills: docker, openshift, eks, fargate, ecs
    • Serverless skills: apigw, lambda, dynamodb, r53
    • web skills: html, css, js, static site generation
    • big data skills: HDFS, map-reduce, accumulo
    • ML/AI skills: corpus management, training, inference

Role Description:

  • This role will require UK DV security clearance
  • Work will involve engaging with client teams who are building complex systems, providing cloud transformation consultancy covering the full range of 6Rs
  • Work will be partially remote and partially onsite at client site visits
  • You will work as part of a mixed supplier team to a variety of client development teams
  • Outside IR35

If you’re interested, please apply now.

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