We work with high-security UK Government departments in the intelligence sector, military and police.

Much of our work in these area is naturally secret. We provide security cleared staff with experience in intelligence and security software specialising in Big Data analytics, high complexity software and machine learning. We specialise in analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, including:

  • building highly secure workflows, apps and CI/CD pipelines
  • anomaly detection, situational awareness and monitoring solutions
  • video analytics - scene detection, distinct face detection, object/individual tracking
  • audio analytics - transcription, translation, emotion detection, speaker identification
  • image analytics - facial recognition, emotion detection, individual identification and metadata, scene detection, object detection, text-in-image detection
  • machine translation - language detection and translation, entity extraction, keyphrase detection, large-scale correlations
  • social media tracking, enrichment and analytics

We can also apply our AI and analytics in commercial environments to track reaction to marketing events, to help vision-impaired users and to defend your business.

You can see an example of our photo analytics and text services at

Image Analytics

Natural language descriptions of faces, objects and text in images. We can detect multiple faces, emotions, age ranges, gender and many other details.

Video Analytics

Scene detection and description, keyframe extraction, face and object identification and metadata tracking across multiple video with frame linking.

Social Analytics

Tracking of topics across social media, including geo-location, language detection and translation with automated sentiment detection and phrase grouping.

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