We build high-security elastic cloud architectures, desktop software, smart phone apps, websites, cyber-security solutions, artificial intelligence and much more.

We are experts in cloud architecture and cloud transformation. We build serverless resilient architectures that can scale to up to massive volumes or concurrency. We host and run the community driven website where we publish free guidance on Cloud architectures, architecture principles and transformation.

We build data analysis, translation, transcription, text and geo analysis platforms seamlessly including the cutting edge of machine learning capability for intelligence, security and law enforcement clients.

Our view is that Cloud Computing is:

the on-demand delivery of compute power, storage, databases, applications, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other IT resources over the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.

The term “Cloud” is generally used to encompass this technology, ecosystem of platforms and tools as well as ways-of-working and architectural approaches that make the best use of cloud technology.

Cloud services should be “OSSM”:

  • On-demand: services are available when requested, being provided in seconds/minutes not days and weeks
  • Self-service: users can create, manage and destroy resoruces themselves, often via an API
  • Scalable: users can choose the amount of resources they want, increasing and decreasing them in line with their needs
  • Measurable: service usage is measured and monitored supporting logging, auditability and cost management

Cloud is often decribed in terms of IaaS, PaaS and Serverless.

AWS Architecture

We are experts in AWS, holding professional certification in AWS Architecture, Development and Machine Learning. We will help your teams adopt AWS.

Cloud Transformation

Scene detection and description, keyframe extraction, face and object identification and metadata tracking across multiple video with frame linking.

Web Development

We build highly secure, scalable and resilient web platforms for companies and organisations mixing clear content, stunning visuals and clever technology.

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