We have extensive experience with Lean and Agile approaches such as Scrum, Kanba and Extreme Programming.

We’ve trained and coached 100s of teams on their agile journey. Rather than ideologically following a particular body of knowledge we work to help individual teams be the best they can be. We focus on principles, not learning processes.

We have authored a number of agile scaling practices ensuring success with teams-of-teams adopting agile practices. We take our own spin on the classic Agile Manifesto where we consider:

  • Valuing individuals and interactions, encouraging collaboration, reducing layers of communication over processes, tools and hierarchy
  • Valuing working software in the form of quality releases from short development cycles over comprehensive documentation, business analysis, enterprise architecture documentation
  • Valuing customer, business, developer and operations (see DevOps) collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Valuing good governance, transparency and honesty in progress, plans, costs and impediments over regular reporting
  • Valuing responding to change over following a plan at all levels of the business

We provided significant material on agile-at-scale processes, patterns and architectural approaches to the (now closed) Holistic Software website, which in turn was included in the well known Boiling Frogs paper.

Organisational Change

We are experts in psychology-led business change of small, medium and large complex clients. We contributed significant material for the UK's Boiling Frogs paper on organisational change. We make organisations better, faster and cheaper.


We are experts in applying agile and lean principles to whole organisations. We were primary writers and developers of the now closed Holistic Software website which inspired many of the now leading agile-at-scale frameworks.


We provide highly experienced mentoring into teams and organisations to support the adoption of agile principles and processes, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean and DevOps. We take a principles based approach to help people.

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