Why Soft-Practice?

Soft-Practice Ltd. is a small organisation with very large clients. We are able to out-perform large companies by moving and innovating quickly.

We have extensive experience in making a real difference in complex organisations combining expertise in Cloud, Cyber and Agile.


With over 20 years experinece of consultancy, change and delivery in both the private sector and the public sector we are a safe choice. We understand the complexities of change in large organisations and know how to get momentum through proving success.


We only provide the best people to deliver our services. Our people are multi-talented fast workers who will accelerate your busines and catalyse lasting change. We have an extremely high bar for hiring, because we focus on delivering the best value to our customers.


We believe in evidence, and proving value, both in terms of delivering our services, and improving your business. We apply fair and sensible measurement approaches to even the most complex change, linking in psychology-based approaches to managing evidence.



Mike MacDonagh


Mike is some way between being a cyber geek, agile geek, psychology geek and cloudy architecture/programming geek.

Mike and his team work with leading public and private sector organisations worldwide to make the business of software development safer, healthier, faster, cheaper and happier. Known for his Architectural insight, Mike is also an active developer in several languages like Javascript/node, c#, python, etc. Mike is also an AWS Certified Solution Architect.



Cloud Architect

Nick combines all round architectural skill with deep hands on skills in Cloud, Big Data and Security. Part of our high security team.



CFO and Chief Psychologist

Susan combines being our CFO with expertise in Psychology. She oversees our change and measurement approaches from a background in behavioural psychology.

Susan has a strong scientific background, based on her Msc in Psychology, working in public sector and private sector organisations in scientific roles.



Cloud Architect

Graham has an impressive background in architeture, technical delivery, leadership and change. Part of our high security team.



Cloud Architect

Pete is a specialist Cloud Archtitect with a background in organisational change and cloud adopotion. Part of our high security team.


Steve Handy

Principal Agile Consultant

A recognised expert in the field of agile software development, Steve has gained his deep understanding of agile practices and their sucessful application within a broad range of industries of all types and sizes.

Steve's principle specialisms include; training, mentoring and leading agile transformations. In particular, Steve has extensive experience in applying agile practices to systems of scale within large organisations and is an expert on the use of tools to support systems and service development.


We work with some of the biggest and best organisations in the UK and worldwide

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